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ACABADOS PALOROSA is a company that originated in 2010 and is part of GRUPO PALOROSA.
Since its beginnings, ACABADOS PALOROSA has grown in a sharp and steady manner, staying true to its intent to satisfy the needs of our clients, businesses and individuals, related to carpentry work. 

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 The three basic pillars on which this Company is based are QUALITY, GUARANTEE for all our work, and STRICTLY MEETING OUR DELIVERY DATES.

Hotel carpentry is the strongest branch of our work. The geographic area in which we are located, in close proximity to hotel complexes in Cancún, Playa del Carmen, and the rest of the Mayan Riviera, provides our customers with the possibility to interact with us promptly, while at the same time greatly simplifying and facilitating the definition and contracting of the required carpentry services.


 Apart from the geographic proximity of our premises, the hospitality industry requires high quality products and strict compliance with delivery dates; meeting these two premises has been the main goal for ACABADOS PALOROSA since it began.